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The Plantronics Surround Sound Gaming Headset uses a USB sound adapter and Dolby Digital technology to simulate 5.1 surround sound for your gaming, movie and general listening enjoyment. TheTechInsider has some more useful information on gaming headset related topics.

Plantronics specializes in communications headsets including Bluetooth and office telephone systems and they do have a few PC gaming headsets like the GameCom 777. The GameCom Surround Sound Gaming Headset is a USB or 3.5mm connection headset that simulates 5.1 surround sound for computers, MP3 players and console gaming systems.

The Plantronics costs about $70 depending on the site or store you purchase them at but I found a good price at Newegg with free shipping. The Plantronics GameCon 777 comes right in the sweet spot of less than $100 but over fifty which I have found is about right for good quality headsets at a lower price.

I try to review products with an eye on whether I would spend my own money on them and have no problems coming up with the short answer of yes. The GameCon 777 Headset is a comfortable fitting full ear set that has the Dolby Digital USB sound adapter for the surround sound experience.

While the headset is not recognized as a regular surround sound set on your PC, stereo only in sound properties, it does give you some virtual surround sound using the USB adapter. The Plantronics GameCon 777 headset does very good with gaming and movies with that simulated surround sound but also plays music well.

For testing the surround sound and the comfort of the GameCon 777 headset I played games and watched movies, reviewing is such hard work. The surround sound USB adapter does a great job of simulating surround sound where you can hear the sound field change and rotate around your head.

I watched several movies, Transformers marathon night, one after the other with small breaks to check comfort over long periods and played games for hours as well. The headset is comfortable for me and this is one high mark for a headset, I have found some headsets a bit difficult to fit on my head comfortably.

Several of the headsets I have reviewed in the past were not as comfortable as I would have liked but this is one headset that fits well on my head. The ear pads are comfortable and fit nicely over my ears and the top head pad does rest on the top of my head like they should.

I have seen several headsets that did not rest on my head and would pull down on my ears or around them which made my gaming or continued use over hours uncomfortable. Adding a band or strip of cushioning would often fix the problem but with the GameCon 777 headset the ear pad adjustments go down far enough for the headband to rest on the top of my head.

The ear pads are made of soft cushioning covered with a velvet like material that is very comfortable even on hot days in my office which does heat up with the numerous machines running and small size. The GameCon 777 has a six foot cord length so using them with a computer or gaming console from the couch is possible if you have your couch or chair close but you can use a common six foot USB extension to get further from your console, TV or computer.

I also tried using a stereo headset extension cable that was six feet long and had no problems with signal clarity or even just reaching the headsets with the USB extension. I have had USB devices, Canon Rebel XSi and a 2.5 inch hard drive, that does not work with a six foot USB extension so this is one good thing that works just fine with a longer cord using either the USB or the stereo connections.

The clarity and bass is very good and the surround sound works just fine for gaming as well as movie viewing and general stereo listening for music. I had no problems using the GameCon 777 headset and was very impressed with the sound quality and build of the ear phones.

The gaming was great with very good positional surround sound in games like the new Sniper: Ghost Warrior on XBox 360 as well as my standby Battlefield: Bad Company 2. First person shooters and especially multiplayer gaming with good sound makes the game not only more enjoyable but a must in high competition gaming.

Hearing opponents sneak in at you from the side when you’re not in the thick of the action allows you to better maintain a sense of where the action is as well as gives you an edge at competition. The GameCon 777 Surround Sound Headset gives you great positional awareness and good sound from all sides giving you an edge in your gaming as well as the enjoyment of good sounding effects.

I enjoyed using the GameCon 777 headset and was very pleased with the performance and quality of the headset at the price that it is available. The GameCon 777 has two 40mm drivers that give full range sound and the hideaway microphone gives you the ability to communicate whether your gaming or just using your headset for internet voice.

The microphone was easily recognized and setup as a regular voice microphone whether you use the 3.5mm connections or the USB sound card. Voice sounds just fine for the microphone use and being able to rotate the microphone out of the way when you don’t want to use it is great for versatility.

The GameCon 777 also has a volume control module inline on the cord to the headset that controls volume and has an on off button for the microphone. The module is about a foot and a half from the headset and a clip is on the cable between the headset and the control module for clipping the cord to your shirt.

I found no problems but did have one concern that I did find others also had, the headset does not get very loud, this could be a good thing or one that is a deal breaker if you like your music loud. I found no problem with the volume but I did have to turn up the volume control higher than for other headsets using both the control module volume and the computers volume control.

Other than this slightly lower volume I have not had any problems using the GameCon headset and have been very pleased with its performance and durability. The military grade plastic seems like it is not only flexible enough but durable and should take a beating which makes the GameCon 777 nice for on the go gaming.

I highly recommend the GameCon 777 Headset for a well priced durable headset for gamers and computer users that makes for a versatile gaming and computer headset.

If you’re a constantly hurried person, always on the run with no idea how you’ll get everything done on time, convenience is key. You want a quick breakfast, a quicker ironing job of your shirt, and an instant cup of coffee. Every little detail that can save you time in your busy schedule, is money saved, and standing in line at a Starbucks for your morning cup of coffee isn’t something you can afford to do. For those individuals, the one cup coffee maker is the ideal machine; brewing coffee and saving valuable moments of your day, every day, quickly adding up to a few extra seconds to sit at your desk and zone out before work truly begins. But, for the convenience crowd out there, a one cup coffee maker doesn’t mean the solution to all of your problems, time wise. Coffee is a wonderful morning addition, but in a quick brew machine, you lose a few things that might decide you miss. TheBestCoffeeMachineReviews has some useful information surrounding this.

The basic pitfalls of quick service are usually the same – your coffee is limited. You have a single cup, as the name implies, and you are left with usually no options of how you’ll drink that cup of coffee. Most one cup coffee makers offer limited brewing options, a mark of its speed and convenience, but that also means that if you feel like a little flavor one day on the way out the door, you’re going to have to stop at a Starbucks for that morning coffee, and that means spending your time and money in line.

If you are not going to be on the run at least four or five days a week, a one cup coffee maker might not make the most sense to you. The point is that it’s quick and convenient, but why limit yourself in what coffee you drink if you are not in a hurry. You can buy a bigger, more expensive coffee maker, something with espresso options or dual modes to cater to more specific tastes if that is the case. Keep your own needs in mind always when thinking of a future coffee maker.
But, for those that do need the convenience, a single cup coffee maker is a gem of a machine. It’s small, space efficient, and most of all fast. These coffee makers are cheap, only take a couple of minutes to brew your coffee, usually while you’re brushing your teeth, and take almost no effort to clean or put away when you’re down with them.

For your coffee maker decisions, make sure you keep in mind what it is you’ll be using it for. A quick cup of coffee in the morning is a great reason to buy a single cup coffee maker. Anything else, and you might want to consider a more traditional means of getting your morning Joe.

You’re able to make it in your juicer, or you may adhere to the directions about how to make it into a blender. My juicer includes a low and higher setting that I’m able to adjust for different vegetables. If you prefer to utilize your juicer, juice the initial four ingredients and add the remainder of the ingredients to the finished juice.

Yes, juicers are notoriously painful to wash and they are able to make a significant mess, but it doesn’t need to be like that. The juicer is merely the close of the parade. You don’t need to utilize your juicer for just juice. There are plenty of means to utilize your juicer and you couuld want to experiment to come up with new recipes. It is best to put money into an excellent juicer Now before you can begin enjoying the wellness benefits of these juicing recipes you have to go out and put money into the bestĀ juicer. Make sure that you get a wonderful juicer.

Your juicer doesn’t need to be a large fancy expensive one either. It can give you a lifetime of service providing you with the best dietary supplement of all natural living juice! The correct juicer will be able to help you start a wholesome habit that will endure a lifetime. Even when you are an experienced juicer, you always require good recipes.

Juicing is really quite easy and I’m sure that you’ll pick this up very quickly. Although juicing is a significant supplement to your diet because it includes antioxidants and nutrients that are quickly absorbed by the body, it doesn’t provide you with the fiber that’s found in whole produce. Vegetable juicing for losing weight is a wholesome option, given the fact that the majority of folks have a tendency to skip meals due to fast way of life.

The juice is equally as fantastic. It’s undoubtedly the most popular sort of juice. Fresh cranberry juice is a huge way to resist colds and the flu as it’s full of quinine.

The simple quick and easy recipes are sure to make sure you donat miss out a drink every day. These juicer recipes can help you create the ideal juicy concoctions ever! Juice due to the fact that many times as possible with these completely free juicer recipes. At an identical time, you can elect for recipes using just one fruit or vegetable. It is an easy juicing recipe which is simple to enjoy and is fantastic for warm or hot days.

If you’re searching for something which tastes good, you’re likely to need to use some fruit. You should consume a great deal of vegetables and fruits. You need to, rather, have fresh fruits and vegetables since they contain less quantities of carbohydrates and are full of fibers and vitamins that are needed by the body.

Distinct vegetables contain varying quantities of nutritional contents. It is extremely important to clean out the vegetables thoroughly to be able to eliminate any chemicals or pesticides. It’s really difficult to eat the total amount of vegetables recommended by the majority of experts (6-8 servings) in a standard moment.