SHITTO-Gourmet Pepper Sauce
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SHITTO-Gourmet Pepper Sauce

Is a Ghanaian pepper sauce that has become very popular with most African communities. It is commonly used as a sauce or condiment to enhance the flavor of fried chicken, fried fish, seafood and barbeques. It goes well with most common starchy foods like rice, potatoes, yams, plantains, gari, couscous, etc. Hot sauce lovers in the US also tend to like this sauce.

Always use a clean dry fork or spoon and refrigerate after opening.

Shitto Options

All of our options are gluten-free with no additives. They are offered as mild or hot according to your choice.

Traditional Shitto (Vegetarian) – contains assorted pepper, oil and a special blend of spices.

Evolved Shitto – contains assorted peppers, oil, dried fish and a special blend of spices.

Gourmet Shitto - contains assorted peppers, oil, dried fish and a special blend of spices. Options offered are beef, chicken or shrimp.

The Shitto Story:

Traditionally called Shitto Din and commonly known as Shitto (pronounced sheet - or, it is a spicy pepper condiment served with many Ghanaian dishes similar to the use of Salsa in Hispanic cuisine. The English translation of Shitto is pepper in the Ga language. This popular sauce or condiment originated from the coastal areas of Accra in Ghana. Like most recipes that are passed down from one generation to the next, Shitto has evolved over time.

Originally, Shitto was sold with fried fish to make the fish more palatable. To preserve the Shitto and extend its storage life it was made with all dried ingredients with no protein content, since it was being sold with fish. Hence, it was basically pepper mixed with spices and fried in oil.

It then evolved in response to parents need to provide their boarding school children Shitto with improved nutritional content. Thus protein was added to the recipe in the form of dried fish and seafood. This is cooked slowly to dehydrate it and to make it last for several months at room temperature.

Recently Shitto has become more customized to suit different tastes. Gourmet Shitto is usually prepared for special occasions and has extra ingredients like chunks of beef, chicken or assorted dried fish.



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